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System Controller with 3D-Joystick & Jog/Shuttle

Features :

  • Detached joystick control Pan/Tilt and Zoom, allowing seamless tracking
  • Larger numeric keypad provides direct access to cameras
  • Jog Dial and Shuttle Ring for smoother recorder control
  • Dedicated Record, Play and Search buttons

More details

Rp37.000.000 tax incl.


Product Specification




Power Source

9 V DC, 300mA (using  the supplied AC adapter)

Power Source (supplied AC adapter)

230 V AC, 50Hz, 150 mA

Data Output/Input Port

6-conductor modular jack (RS-485, Full duplex) x2

Serial Port

9-pin D-sub connector

Controller Number

1 to 8 (rotary switch)

Ambient Operating Temperature


Unit Number Selection

1 to 99

Monitor Number Selection

1 to 99

Camera Number Selection

1 to 256


Main Unit: 290(W) x 111(H) x 221(D) mm

3D Joystick Unit: 134(W) x 146(H) x 218(D) mm

Weight (without the AC adapter)

Main Unit: 1.3 kg

3D Joystick Unit: 0.8 kg

* The specifications are subject to change without notice

** Dimensional Tolerance: ±5mm



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